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Message from CEO

Elitar Electronic Co., Ltd. established in 1998 and will step into the first 20th anniversary. I always remind everyone in Elitar that donot forget the philosophy in the beginning of our business is “ to be secure to security customers” That means we only provide the reliable quality products to customers. With our help, our customer donot need to worry about the service and technical support. Especially in the price competition market, it is not easy to do when our competitors are sacrificing the quality to cost down. We are still striving the quality policy and enhance our on- line service to customers.  To differentiate from other suppliers help us getting breakthrough in current market.


Elitar Electronic Co., Ltd. will continuously increase our engineers’ ability and offer cutting edge products to customers. We expect our customers joining our group and shifting from the product supplier to solution provider. With our support, we believe that our partners can make profit and grow up more and more …   

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Elitar Electronic Co., Ltd.

Tel: +886-2-27866677

Fax: +886-2-27861949

6F, No. 38, Lane 80, Sec. 3, Nangang Road,Nangang District,  Taipei 

115 Taiwan

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